Dance is love made visible.

“Work is love made visible.” – Kahlil Gibran

Reflections from Dancing Freedom Mastery, Dec 2011:

Today, I’m sitting in this beautiful lodge in Mount Shasta, California.  The mountain behind me out the window, the sun just starting to set. The parrot is eating his parrot food.

A few dozen of us are here to dance for 10 days. Right now, Michael is playing the piano. I’m trying to write a post to capture this experience and why I show up to dance, more.

Today the lesson was to LOVE, more. To really see how much I love every person who has chosen to show up here and do their work.  I was dancing around the room, really trying to see love in every single person.  It wasn’t hard.  The puddles on the floor in tears. The screaming, growling, shaking.  The ones connected to something greater. The mystery we’re not supposed to understand.

It’s all love, and it’s all of us.

And we’re not just doing our work on the dance floor, we are doing our work and then taking it into the world to make our love visible.  We are the journey.

We’re exploring consciousness, leadership, spirituality, old patterns, how our bodies move, and how our bodies move together. You can’t hide anything. And you have nothing to hide.

Who knew such a place existed? This is real. This is life. All of you, every part, is welcome.

We like to say, “You had a terrible week? Great. Come dance.
Had an awesome week? Great. Come dance.”

We are right where we need to be.

See you there,

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