Success Stories

For over 10 years, I have worked with high-achieving individuals and leaders to be who they really are, find meaning and purpose, and make their biggest contribution to the world. My clients achieve success with clarity, focus, ease and grace. 


I always learned something new about myself and what I was willing to do. Mary was skillful in helping me get beneath the superficial, look at what was underneath, and take action.” – HH, tech startup founder, NY

“I always leave sessions knowing exactly what I needed to do to move closer to my goals and feeling a genuine excitement to move forward.” – Communications Manager for a solar company, San Francisco, California

“Mary has a true gift for helping others see their potential … she helped me tremendously in seeing clearly what matters most to me and finding the bravery to go for it – personally, professionally, and romantically.  Mary has helped me answer the uncertainty and change with authenticity and resolve… to find and keep my personal compass, to trust in myself and embody the qualities that I value most.” – CH, Girls Inc., San Francisco, CA

“My life has changed drastically… I have gone from feeling lost, without income, and confused about how to move forward to being grounded in my purpose, having paid clients, and feeling enjoyment in my work. All of this change in only two and a half months.” – RH, entrepreneur / healer, Oregon

“Being a leader means paying attention to the ecosystem in which we are making change, including our inner/private lives… Coaching is about taking a step outside of the day to day, taking stock, and then charging forward with renewed purpose and direction. Mary provides useful frameworks for dismantling fear and self-doubt, as well as gracious accountability and firm nudges in the direction you want to go. You may find yourself showing up with more clarity and ease to accomplish more than you imagined possible. Oh, and you might have fun, too!” – JM, Director of Strategic Collaboration at Citizen Engagement Lab, Berkeley, CA

“Inspiring, Supportive, Encouraging… Mary provided that outside perspective to think about better solutions to the complex problems that arise in my daily life. Coaching helped me set attainable career goals.  As a result, I love my job and I’m happily dancing with Oakland’s own Mix’d Ingrdnts Dance Co.” – MZ, Early Childhood Expressive Arts Therapist, Oakland, CA

“Sessions with Mary feel like conversations with a good friend – and yet, they cut through all the BS in a challenging but super loving way. I’m pursuing my passion for art, writing and dance in a way that I previously couldn’t have imagined (about to hold my first exhibition and writing a book).” – US, Entreprenuer, Canada/Australia

I’ve taken leaps on my path as a leader…revealed my deepest values, buried dreams, and highest potential… expect extraordinary results.” – DB, Washington DC

I’m daily stepping up to the game of being who I came here to be.” – LS, Multimedia Artist & Yoga Teacher, Illinois

“Mary is an amazing listener and was able to reflect my own path back to me in ways that offered direction. As someone who is always-on-the-go, my sessions with Mary were a much needed pause, offering balance and clarity.” – JKR, Global Trainings Manager,

Please contact me for more info on who I have worked with and what they have experienced and achieved as a result of us working together.