Gratitude for men

“Men can mentor men in a way that women will never be able to.”

Giving thanks today for all of the wonderful men in my life holding masculinity, power, strength, and leadership in a way that is transforming our world.

Yesterday, in a contact improv class the male instructor spontaneously instigated a very important conversation about boundaries and respect during the intimate practice of contact dance.  I felt gratitude for this conversation, and that a man initiated it.  Women need to express when their boundaries are crossed or if they feel uncomfortable in any contact situation, but men also need to take responsibility for their strength and power.  In this case, I’m talking about physical strength (the ability to lift a women off the ground without too much struggle) as well as societal structures of masculine power that need to be considered (women in many parts of the world are forced to submit to men).

I often find myself in a position of a ally for women’s rights, pushing back against patriarchal systems of thinking and acting.  But as with all forms of oppression, it is never  one way street. As we gain more justice for women and respect for the divine feminine, masculinity is also liberated — the men I know are taking responsibility of their sacred masculine power, harnessing strength by expressing vulnerability, and being ‘father’ role models for younger men.

I am in deep admiration of the men who have taken it upon themselves to embrace masculinity in this way. I’m celebrating how you support one another to be leaders in this transformation of humanity. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude for men

  1. Nice post. Men are coming into their hearts in this shift. They are learning about the divine feminine within themselves. So as women are asked to take active roles and to lead, men are asked to take receptive roles and to nurture. It is the universe’s way of bringing balance to this world, I think.

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