How To Do Impossible Things

If there is anything universal to all entrepreneurs, creatives, and leaders, it’s the feeling that sometimes what you’re trying to do is totally impossible. So, most of us don’t even try.  The thing is, if we were to try, we might find out that the things we deem impossible are merely very hard. But, isn’t it theContinue reading “How To Do Impossible Things”

4 Ways Successful People Master Their Time

Sept 23, 2014 I started my first small business at age 24.  For anyone who has ever been in a position of leadership or creative authority, who has ever started a project, ran a campaign, or co-founded a dream, you know that how you use your time is pretty darn important. I recently came across an articleContinue reading “4 Ways Successful People Master Their Time”

5 Things To Seriously Do When You Miss Your Goal

   5 Things To Seriously Do When You Miss Your Goal I recently accomplished a big goal in my business. (Whoohoo! Thank you to everyone who supported me along the way!) I’m now working with 10 incredible 1-on-1 clients.  I set and missed this goal so many times in the past year. Each time I didn’t make it, I thought “I know thisContinue reading “5 Things To Seriously Do When You Miss Your Goal”