Brave Entrepreneur Mastermind

brave leaders 

start-up founders ∗ change makers 

coaches ∗ artists ∗ social entrepreneurs  

innovators ∗ visionaries


Be brave. Do what you love. Make good. 

I work with high-achieving, passionate individuals who have the capacity to make an extraordinary shift in the world.

  • Do you feel exhausted or overwhelmed trying to build your business alone?
  • Are you going in a million directions and need focus, structure, and systems?
  • Do you want to do good and make a good living?
  • Are you ready to create extraordinary results by being your own best leader?
  • Are you ready to ensure your business success by taking the steps needed?
  • Would it be okay with you if doing all this got a whole lot easier? 😉

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then join us in this year’s Brave Entrepreneur Mastermind program!


The world is ready for your leadership. 

Building a successful (and sustainable) business takes effort! But, you don’t have to do it alone. I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs move their ideas into action – going past what they thought was possible.

In my Mastermind course, you will get clear on your vision + mission, design a one-of-a-kind business plan, take your personal leadership to the next level, and build a profitable business doing what you love.

And, you’ll do it all in a supportive community of fearless entrepreneurs, visionary agents-of-change, creative rebels, and bold leaders – like you.

Is it your time to dive in? We’ve got this.

Apply here for your 40-min Strategy Session 


 “My life has changed drastically… I have gone from feeling lost, without income, and confused about how to move forward to being grounded in my purpose, having paid clients, and feeling enjoyment in my work. All of this change in only two and a half months.”
– R.H., Oregon
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