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11217661_10153354572126578_679734554041931507_nINSPIRE. TEACH. LOVE. 

Business Bootcamp:

An 8-week course for facilitators & ENTREPRENEURS

*Registration closes 08/03/15*

August – September 2015

As visionaries, artists, dancers, and creative leaders, business can sometimes seem at best boring and worst terrifying.  But, it doesn’t have to be! Business should be fun. It is a full expression of who you really are.  And since it’s your business, you get to design it unique to you.


What would it be like for you to be successful in business, without losing your passion?

Understanding key business tools is crucial to your success as a Dancing Freedom facilitator. That’s why we’re offering this 8-week coaching program to support you in the business of teaching Dancing Freedom.*  Whether you are just beginning to teach, you’ve been teaching for awhile, or your classes are very successful, business tools – and the support to implement them – are a great investment.

*This course can also be used for or in collaboration with your other work/offerings.


This is for you if:

→ you have completed at least one Dancing Freedom facilitator training

→ you want to start teaching (or jumpstart your classes after not teaching for awhile)

→ you want to experience more confidence, clarity, focus & ease in work and life

→ you want to grow your community and get more people into your classes

→ you want to learn hard business tools & skills to bring your vision into reality

→ you want to join a powerful, supportive community of DF facilitators to share challenges and successes

→ you’re READY get into action, take bold risks and create extraordinary results!

“Mary is a coach who gently leads you through the inner and outer realms of your business. She assists you in staying focused, creating visions that align with your values, and taking actions that bring your dreams into form!” ~ Teresa Reid, Minnesota, USA


Included in your program:

– 8 weekly 60min group coaching calls (dates TBA)

– lots of business tools, handouts and resources

– weekly homework

– [Optional – not included] 1:1 private coaching strategy sessions

Course Topics:


August – September 2015 (8 weeks)

Pre-course: Roadmap

Week 1: Welcome & Vision

  • Hero’s Journey
  • “Unreasonable” Vision
  • Commit 100%
  • Speak your purpose & mission
  • Your personal story map

Week 2: Goals, Strategies, & Actions 

  • SMART goals
  • Create A Business Plan
  • Your “Big Why”
  • Small, sweet steps

Week 3: Moving Past “Stuck”

  • What’s “Monkey Mind”?
  • Identify and move past fears, doubts, and worries
  • Shift your attention
  • Rallying Your Support Team
  • Feel confident in your teaching

Week 4: Relationship to Time & Money    

  • Energy of money
  • Plugging leaks
  • Budgeting
  • Task management tools
  • Time management

Week 5: Rock Your Marketing & Enrollment

  • Growing your community
  • Writing Your Bio
  • Build a simple website
  • Create A Promotion Map (Facebook, local media, fliers, word of mouth, etc.)
  • Newsletters (maximize use of Mailchimp and other integrated email systems)

Week 6: Simple Organizing & Logistics

  • Finding a space
  • What to charge
  • Eventbrite & other listing sites
  • Payment processing
  • Waivers
  • Insurance

Week 7: How To Lead A Workshop Or Training

  • Steps to make it happen
  • Integrating your other services/offerings

Week 8: Celebration, Graduation & Next Steps

  • Celebration
  • Appreciation
  • How To Get More Support
  • Staying Connected

In this course we will cover a number of business topics and tools like the ones listed. Calls will be tailored uniquely to the group needs. Homework and exercises will be assigned at the end of each call.

“The DF Bootcamp supported me in so many different ways and on so many different levels- from accountability for doing my inner work to practical and grounded everyday tools for establishing a solid business I came away inspired and informed to step up as a leader in my community. And the BEST part was connecting with seriously amazing DF facilitators- sharing visions, motivating each other and offering priceless mutual support that continues even after the course ends.”

~ Lindsey Morris, Oakland, CA, USA

Liberation comes out of structure. Ground your vision. Put the systems in place to support freedom in your teaching.



Business tools are always a great investment! The cost of this program (discounted for the Dancing Freedom community) is $250 USD. I offer payment plans as needed. Full payment or payment plan is due before the first class begins.

Money-Back Guarantee: If you put into action the tools of this program, and you’re not getting the results you want, we will do everything humanly possible to support you.  If you’re still not fully satisfied, we will refund your money completely (up to 30 days).

All The Details

All calls will be 60mins with video via Google Hangouts. If you have to miss a call, you can still fully participate.  If you cannot be in front of your computer we can call you in. Homework will be assigned at the end of each class.

Classes will be held online at 10:00am PT every Thursday. [Or, TBA based on group needs.]

Email “mary(at)” with any questions.

The purpose of this course is to support you in your leadership as a Dancing Freedom facilitator. As we often say about the dance, you get out of it what you put into it.

How To Register

You can submit your registration and payment here and we will be in contact. 

*Special DF Community* Course Tuition – $250 – register now! 


RolfGibbs 134Mary Shindler is the Managing Director of Dancing Freedom and has worked closely with Samantha Sweetwater for over 4 years. The daughter of entrepreneur parents, she’s been immersed in the world of business since she was born.  Mary has over 5 years experience as a coach and trainer for innovators and executives. Mary started her own business at age 23. She has co-founded a youth delegation to the United Nations climate negotiations, Summer of Solutions Oakland, and Young Women’s Leadership.  As a consultant she has worked with organizations on strategic design, culture, and organizational development such as the United Nations Population Fund, CoFED, Brower Youth Awards, SustainUS, and Grand Aspirations.

Mary holds a B.A. in Philosophy from James Madison University. She has 600+ hours of coaching experience, and completed a rigorous year-long certification program with the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE), an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) with the International Coaches Federation (ICF).

“This was a great course for anyone who is wanting to have some REAL support in creating a business revolving around Dancing Freedom. If you are struggling on “where to start”, or “where to take it from here,” I highly recommend taking this course. Mary helps business stuff make sense.”

~ Lydia Marolda, Melbourne, Australia


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