Leadership, Vulnerability, & Warmth (great article)

Here’s my favorite article of the week… It was recently published in the Harvard Business Review on connection, vulnerability, and leadership.  I’m definitely thinking about the role women and females play in leadership.  (Thanks, Molly James, for sharing this!) … Let me know what you think! Connect, Then Lead “So which is better, being lovable or beingContinue reading “Leadership, Vulnerability, & Warmth (great article)”

Why I Abandoned My Startup

I just read this great blog — “Why I Abandoned My Startup” — (Thanks to my friend, Lisa!) and it feels totally true.  And wow… it received 19,000 new readers in just 36 hours and made it to the top 10 in Hacker News. “Any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you that if you want to makeContinue reading “Why I Abandoned My Startup”

Occupy the Farm: What farming teaches us about movement building

An Oasis in Albany We heard the police were threatening eviction, so we showed up at 11pm. Coming upon the farm in the middle of Albany felt like a surprising breath of fresh air.  I crossed the street from the bright lights of the gas station where cars were zipping in and out playing loudContinue reading “Occupy the Farm: What farming teaches us about movement building”

Dance is love made visible.

“Work is love made visible.” – Kahlil Gibran Reflections from Dancing Freedom Mastery, Dec 2011: Today, I’m sitting in this beautiful lodge in Mount Shasta, California.  The mountain behind me out the window, the sun just starting to set. The parrot is eating his parrot food. A few dozen of us are here to dance forContinue reading “Dance is love made visible.”

Biking through the Occupy Oakland strike

Just came across this entry I never published from last year… Reflecting on our movement… ~ms On November 2nd the people of Oakland took to the streets. Even the little ones with a superwoman cape that read “people over profits” We climbed on the trucks. They asked why. We said: to get a better view.Continue reading “Biking through the Occupy Oakland strike”