How To Do Impossible Things

If there is anything universal to all entrepreneurs, creatives, and leaders, it’s the feeling that sometimes what you’re trying to do is totally impossible.

So, most of us don’t even try. 

The thing is, if we were to try, we might find out that the things we deem impossible are merely very hard.


But, isn’t it the hard things that are often the most rewarding? The times we stick with the relationship. When we get up and pitch our idea again (or simply try at all in the first place!). When we believe in love. Go in for the close. Ask for the funding. Take our best swing at the ball.

Here are 3 things I believe will inspire all of us to try more impossible things  — whether it be falling in love, learning Chinese, or building a successful startup.

1. Believe impossible things (before breakfast).

The Queen was right about believing 6 impossible things before breakfast. This is what we call having a vision. It’s about imagining a different future. And it’s got to be juicy enough to keep you going. You might wonder, what allows one to be so resilient? To try again and again even in the face of failure? We call this hope. The steadfast, against-all-odds, belief that it’s possible.

Which is why I invite you to believe not even 6, but just 3 “impossible” things. (You can eat your breakfast first.) Just write them down.

Mine are:

  • The United States uses 100% renewable energy in my lifetime.
  • We end human trafficking.
  • I empower millions of entrepreneurs to create solutions.

2. Create the conditions for success.

Entrepreneur and advisor Eben Pagen said in one of his podcasts recently that in order to achieve great visions, we need to focus on conditions. He said, imagine looking back at the end of your life. What do you want people to say about you? What kind of impact did you make in the world? How did you contribute to others?

If you look at leaders who you admire, what are the conditions that allowed those leaders to do such great things?  What conditions might need to be in place for you to be successful in your vision? What are just 3 conditions that might need to be in place? And, what’s the first step you’re willing to take?

3. Be a fool for love. Again and again. 

I leave you with a little bit of wisdom in the form of a Tedx talk. I still get chills listening to it. My friend Teju, founder of the Unreasonable Institute, tells us what love can teach us about doing the impossible.

Doing the impossible is not magic, he says.

What do you love so much that you’re willing to pursue despite failure again and again? When we’re attempting to do the impossible, one attempt isn’t going to cut it. We need to try again, and again, and again.

I invite you to believe impossible things every day (before breakfast), create the conditions for success, and try with great love, again and again, to do the “impossible”.

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