Why I Abandoned My Startup

cropped-tumblr_lmv3xcnnf91qbo6g8o1_500_thumb.jpgI just read this great blog — “Why I Abandoned My Startup” — (Thanks to my friend, Lisa!) and it feels totally true.  And wow… it received 19,000 new readers in just 36 hours and made it to the top 10 in Hacker News.

“Any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you that if you want to make money, don’t start a company. You should start a company if you can’t sleep at night because there’s a problem you can’t stop thinking about. You should start a company if you’ve literally been brought to tears by talking to your customers. If you don’t have that level of empathy and commitment, why bother? How long do you expect to have energy to work on this problem?”

Read more here: http://westonmcbride.com/blog/2013/05/06/why-i-abandoned-my-startup/

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