dance with us

the more I dance
the more I know this

my body says yes!
it becomes clear

shake up what’s inside
and listen

its not hard
let go

take nothing personally

you were born
to move

you are fucking beautiful
thank you

don’t come to help
without first dancing with us

this is what I know about community:

the community was dancing before you
and will continue to dance when you’re gone

but if you’d like to dance with us,

don’t take it personally
you’re just another body moving

but as we move together
different shapes and motions and expressions
breaking down
building up

nature is just as interested in death
as it is life

nature is just as interested in stillness
as it is motion

the more I dance,
I know all of this is true

and more than I will ever know

occupy your body, first.
then step into the world with that.

you’re not the same
and neither is the dance

because of you
because of your unique expression

yes, you’re following something bigger
but the choice of how to show up

is. all. you.

so, we need you.
dance with us.

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